Game crashes due to low hertz setting [solved]

It’s been a long time since I have posted. Been getting back into the game again after a long break. So far I have had no issues except some minor lag here and there. Now the game has crashed twice on me tonight. Did some digging in older threads and it could be a screen resolution issue. I haven’t gone that route yet as I had a second crash not that long after the first one. Here is the log from the first one:

Airport CEO by Apoapsis Studios [version: Unity 2019.4.26f1_e0392c6b2363]

Unknown caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
in module Unknown at 0033:5965ef80.

Error occurred at 2022-05-03_192236.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Airport CEO\Airport CEO.exe, run by heilmann.

53% physical memory in use.
8192 MB physical memory [3832 MB free].
2925 MB process peak paging file [2805 MB used].
1743 MB process peak working set [1623 MB used].
System Commit Total/Limit/Peak: 7503MB/16384MB/9350MB
System Physical Total/Available: 8192MB/3832MB
System Process Count: 167
System Thread Count: 1926
System Handle Count: 72631
Disk space data for ‘C:\Users\heilmann\AppData\Local\Temp\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Crashes\Crash_2022-05-04_002205035’: 346133168128 bytes free of 979126407168 total.

Write to location 000001645965EF80 caused an access violation.

So I seem to have resolved this on my own. I kept my resolution at 1920X1080 just changed it to the 74hz option and it didn’t crash. I guess the lower hertz wasn’t able to keep up and had to change that.

What hertz were you running it at before? Great that you got it fixed!

59 hertz. So it did crash on me again. Whenever I use the “Exit to menu” button and try to save my airport the game crashes, goes black, and the unity box pops up until it can close out. Otherwise I have to Save and Quit the game and start it again to load a different save game.

I’ve got the same problem with “Exit to menu” and saving the game, even if i didn’t save the game crashed.
At my side it’s the save game which is too big. The game self needed about 40 to 50 GB RAM.

The exit crashes appear random on my system. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Even when no other applications are open. And even on my small test airfield without scheduled flights or passengers.

Can you drop me that small airfield in a bug report then, andy? If I hit exit and save 10 times in a row I should be able to reproduce your issue?

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