Game crash when trying to save. [Solved]

Some info:
I got a large airport build with,
60~90 flights per day
Pax numbers 8000~20000+
Running on a Windows 10 system
Usually play in offline mode

The game crash when trying to save the game automatically anf this started around the same time when people reporting the game crash when existing and saving the game.
I try the fixed by running the experimental branch but it still crash using all three methods (auto, mannual, and exit save)

The following files is not being saved into the save file

Uuder both Logs and “Player.log” files have this appear:
[Bug reporter] ERROR: Could not fetch issue types! Stack: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[TKey,TValue].get_Item (TKey key) [0x0001e] in :0
at LitJson.JsonData.get_Item (System.String prop_name) [0x00007] in :0
at UnrealByte.EasyJira.JiraConnect+d__6.MoveNext () [0x000ea] in :0

Using the in-game reporter does not seem to work, it just stay there for like half an hour and nothing seems to be working, not even a dialouge saying “sending files”, or something.

The only work around (sort of) is for me to copy those missing files from a pervious good save into the new save. BUT A WARNING: it sometimes produce unexpected results.

Sometime it will save, sometime not, but lately most likely not.
I also flip between the public released and the experimental branch of the game and the result was the same, Sometime it will save, sometime not, but lately most likely not.
Not until I download a small 1.93mb update around the 21st Sep, and it still did not work until after I disable the only DLC I havd, which was the Supersonic DLC
The program ran and was saving fine on the public release for a while up until an automatic update with the steam client program on the 27th Sep , and it somehow broke the game again and now no longer saves.
Steam just updated again yesterday, thought this new update might solve the issue but still no luck.
I’m starting to think maybe Steam is causing the crashes.
Is there a way to lauch your game outside of steam like the old days before steam?
Thank you for your help in advance.

So does this happen only in offline mode or also when you are online?

I guess you also tried a reinstall (game and Steam). One option is to try the Steam Beta Client (you can attend and leave any time in the Steam settings).
Also are all system drivers up to date?

The only other way to play the game is when you got it from GoG.

Ah damn. Knew forgot a few things.
This also happen when I try to play the game while I was sign in on Steam.
I have also try reintall the game and still failed.
Also it did not save when running through the actual exe file within the game Airport CEO folder:" C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Airport CEO."
All system drives are up to date.

Hey there! In what way does it crash? Does it crash to desktop? Does it freeze for some time, shows you an “application not responding windows” and eventually you quit it yourself?

Just like before, the Unity crash screen (with the plane) shows up and then back to desktop, every time.
As andyc said: “tried reinstall steam”. But I am on a limited internet usage plan, so that’s won’t be an option, considering how much games I have to reinstall. Also I just released from my main post that the “1.93mb” was not an update, but a change over update from when I was switching between the public release and the experimental branch. So maybe somehow the game has fix itself as I was constantly switching between the two versions up to until the Steam client update…

Thank you for your help. I’ve fixed it - some what. Its loading and saving now with no problem - I hope. I guess it was a good idea to use JSON as part of your games’s program, or am I just talking nonense…hmmm.