Game closes after leaving PC

Hello recently I left my PC with ACEO running and the game closed is this a issue with the game or Steam? (I’m currently running on Windows 10)

Does it only close when you are away? Then you may have a sleep mode or something active.

How many passengers does your airport have? Mine is quite busy and sometimes the game will just crash because there are so many entities…

Does this happen repeatedly at a given occasion or just this one time? I think we’ll need some more information that’s repeatable in order to debug this.

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I think generally the issue comes when you got quite large airports, for me sometimes the autosave doesnt like it being so big and it crashes occasionally

Really large airports need some time to save, depending on your hardware specs, and if you click somewhere on the application while the game is saving (or loading) your OS might think that it’s not responsive and will incorrectly prompt you to force quit the game. In most cases just waiting it out will eventually cause the save to resume.

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