GA takes weird route when leaving the airport

I’m in Alpha 28.1-4. The GA at my airport takes a weird route when trying to leave the airport. They drive over the runway, only to enter it from the other side. I added an image to show what I mean. My GA stands are above the runway.

They also ignore the one-way holding point below the runway.

Have you sent it in as a bug report?

Advanced Taxiway Entry/Exits

The advance taxiway entry and exit is new ways to build entry/exits for your runways. Both a 90 degree and a 45 degree entry/exit have been added to the game. The taxiway entry/exits come in all foundation types and are clickable. The entry/exits can be set to both or a single direction, giving players more control over traffic flow on the taxiway.

The Requirements

  • Must be connected to a runway

I’ve noticed there seems to be some confusion about holding points. From the release notes (quoted above), holding points must be connected to runways. They are not used to make directional flow on taxiways.

Hope this helps.

That’s not a holding point on the taxiway. It’s a directional control. They can be set now with a right click.

I stand corrected. Sorry.

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Not in-game. It’s hard to explain exactly what’s going on without adding an image. (it would only allow me to insert unedited screenshots)

Could you report the save? Can’t really tell why it taxi like that just by looking at the image.

I just did :slight_smile: