GA Dependent on Commercial

will there come a possibility to “block” minute’s so GA isn’t allowed to land or take of on those time’s? now my airport is stalled because of TO much GA but i dont want to completely remove te GA at this stage of the airfield.

same Idea attents to the parking stands. i had the 4 upper left stands for both commercial and GA but that means that there is to much GA so the commercial cannot park there. (so basicly if a stand is reseved for a commercial flight the GA must! leave or isn’t allowed to go there for parking)

at this airport the commercial planes are finishing up at around 05:00 because the airport is so busy that they need to wait so long
(i know that i could add a second runway but i want to simulate a small airport and those rarely have 2 runways)

Use one runway only for GA trafic.

Manually approve GA or build a GA only runway. Solves the entire problem.

Guys, he said he wants to simulate a small airport, which most of them operate only with one single runway. To build another rwy for just GA traffic is not realistic and he clearly told us that he doesn’t want it, but a time restriction of GA traffic being allowed would help me a lot either, cause accepting them one by one is just a pain in the ass.


On the point of GA taking those times, aren’t airport landing/takeoff based on FCFS from ATC?

On the point of GA taking those GA+CA stands

  1. Have stand use behavior fixed, so GA will take GA-only, no commercial stand first before taking GA+CA stands → Won’t solve if GA demand is overcrowded
  2. When manually accepting GA, you can direct where they park → This will become tedious so quickly
  3. Have an option of automatically disabling GA flight being accepted (from the stand menu) in a time slot when there is flight planned for that stand, unlockable after hiring COO → This is probably the best case scenario, so use of stands with COO is optimized to handle GA+CA better, but it could probably lead to dumb moments
  4. Designate stands as CA only → Easiest solution, why not try that? Because it’s poor management if, knowing that the stand will be used, you also allow other planes to use that stand as well.

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