GA aircraft stuck inside hangar

Hey guys,

I have a GA aircraft stuck inside an hangar, as if it has no pathing or runway avalible to depart, even tho it does, runways are set to accept GA traffic and other planes were using it before, I even tried builduing a dedicated GA runway and stands (that are deleted now in the time of the screenshot) but It won’t just move, I really wanted to demolish that hangar because my end-plan is to renovate that whole area to make a new terminal, any insight on what I could do to unstuck it or delete the hangar anyways (not disabling the achivements?) thanks

Hey, and happy holidays! Hope that you and your loved ones are having a good break!

From what I can see, it appears that nothing is wrong. Have you tried the ol save and load the game? Or is there a one way taxiway blocking it somewhere? A quick reset should reroute the pathfinding!

yeah I tried the reset, it’s been going on since yesterday, also tried rebuilding taxiways and paths and reset pathing. looks like that Hangar is gonna have the new terminal built around and will stand as a historic momument haha

Can you take a picture of the hangar?

Maybe a pushback truck?

Nah, GA doesn’t need those

None of the small aircraft need them.

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Were you able to solve this? I have had a stuck GA aircraft for a couple days. It happened when I deleted a few small stands. Multiple restarts and it won’t disappear.

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