GA aircraft SF50 - which fuel does it consume?

Today I observed something strange. A GA plane with no propeller was serviced by an AvGas 100 LL truck. It looked like a jet engine, though. Looked it up: Cirrus SF50, jet engine. Shouldn’t it request Jet Fuel A1 instead then? I have the proper infrastructure for that.

interesting, i’ve had the opposite. a propeller plane requesting jet a1. (was using a mod) might be something for the devs to consider for the next update

So…@Olof or any dev with time to spare (guess quite unlikely): Might you kindly take a look into the planes requesting the proper fuel? Maybe there are somethings juxtaposed.

The jet ga plane used to consumt jeta1 but this changeda while back not sure why. For commercial airvraft it is known these are turboprops wich use jeta1 and not avvgas because of their turbo fuctionality.

Yes, the Cirrus Vision Jet uses Jet A.

But as far as I can recall, when it was introduced into the game it was always being fueled with Avgas. Small potatoes but probably a result of it being included with the other GA aircraft that all happen to take Avgas.

I’m not a modder, so…
but is that modable? I mean can you create a fantasy plane and determine what kind of fuel it needs? It should be IMHO

I’m certain the jet GA plane used to request Jet A1, but this is no longer the case. This was most likely changed because it would call Jet A1 trucks which could have delayed commercial aircraft.

I do not see the necessity for this because of our ability to assign fuel haulers to service lots which can be placed near the GA stands. In fact, we rather might need a system in which we could tell a vehicle, which stands it has to service and which not. With AvGas trucks this is clear - they only service GA. But just a switch in the Jet Fuel A! truck UI limiting it to service GA only would be the solution. You might keep a Fjord truck ready to service GA while the others just care for CA.

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That’s exactly what is needed. But until it is implemented, I think it’s better to leave all GA aircract as Avgas consuming.

i don’t know
i was using the aaceo ga modpack

Been watching some tube that is you videos, and in particular a TBM850 I think. It’s a prop but shown being refuelled Jet A. Fuelling is at the end.

The TBM850 is a turboprop, uses JetA.

We are aware of the discrepancies here, however since GA flights are the first aircraft to traffic your airport and since we have a tutorial that relies on a certain ease of progression we’ve decided that all GA will consume Avgas 100 LL. For example, the tutorial can deadlock if you receive several Jet A1 aircraft but have not refueled enough GA with Avgas 100 LL as the tutorial prescribes. We also do not want to enable Jet A1 that early in the game and for new players it makes more sense that small aircraft use Avgas 100 LL while Jet A1 are for bigger aircraft. This is one of the limitations we’ve had to decide on that makes this game a tycoon game and not a simulator… :stuck_out_tongue:


I am sad now… :frowning:

Well…at least understandable.

Now: what would you think of a solution that the appearance of the Cirrus and similar planes should be tied to “Jet A1 service enabled” in the operations menu? I mean, planes already check for services - why not in this case as well? Either it appears but cannot be serviced or it will only appear, if you have the proper infrastructure unlocked. I still believe, this step you made - although a minor one and somewhat logical - is a step back as you are sacrificing realism where I feel there are alternatives to have best of both worlds.

Why not doing things authentically while maintaining integrity? Remember, the Cirrus also usually has passenger space of 6, so it also could pop up with small commercial airlines and if charter flights are still somewhere in your to-do-section, then you might rethink anyways. You also could think of an airline all dedicated to small CA flights like FLN which has both Cessna and Britten-Norman airplanes to connect Frisian islands in the North Sea with German mainland. So I guess, the Cirrus would fit in such a scenario anyways moving it from GA to CA. With a price of 1,750.000 USD it is rather expensive for a mere joyride, isn’t it? Do you maybe still have leftover airlines from the first contest and dev time to realize such an idea? Just asking. Anyways: Great job!

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