Future map size increase

Since one of the planned things to do in the beta is increase the playable area, will savegames be permanently broken? Or will we be able to continue our airports with the much needed space?


Old saves will not be affected by this change. They will remain with the old map size.


That’s disappointing that old saves will not get the new space but it’s what I expected. Will we still be able to edit the GameData.json to increase the amount of space(in old saves)? And how different will the new system be from the current one? Starting a new game the map is 700x700, will it just be increased to a higher number?

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I would guess that they’re going to expand on the land they already have ingame. I could be wrong but they might be optimizing the game so it handles the space better, not necessarily making drastic changes- considering a lot of what they’ve got done has revolved around game performance.

As is you can push the playable area up to something like 1200x1200 without going off the green area, and I havent had too many issues. Unless they make a drastic change I assume you could edit your JSON file risk free.

I would assume that they are not doing that. As in editing the map world, many bugs pop up, and the Devs will not do anything because you edited the map. Also, it is definitely NOT risk free.

I have never edited the JSON file to get more land because I hoped that there would’ve been a official update to increase space. But now that update is coming soon, and will not include old saves, I was wondering if the old method would still work.

Having spent over 100 hours in my only airport, I plan to get more land one way or another.

Although after thinking it over my airport does have some designs flaws that could only be fixed by starting over. Mapping out the dimensions of the terminal wouldn’t be too difficult. A system like Prison Architect for buying land would have been perfect, where you can continuously buy chunks of land till your needs are meet. With CPU heavy games you’re either limited by map size or performance limitations. Like with Cities: Skylines, I could fill up the entire map but that means performance will drop like a rock so I don’t.

New saves will simply have a different world size saved in the files. I guess there might be a size selection from a couple of presets during the airport creation, like some other games have, to allow you to make maps bigger but more resource consuming or smaller but playable with minimum requirements. I don’t think it will be any new mechanism that will for example allow you to enlarge the airport indefinitely until you’re out of RAM, but the same one, just with optimized game that allows playing on a bigger map with the same system load as the current. Old saves have their world size saved, hence they will be not affected by the change (will be still working fine after loading). If anything new is saved, like for example the external road’s position, then if it isn’t present in the loaded save it will be calculated, like it has been so far.

Since the size is and will be saved in both old and new saves, it can be edited.

Hope so this will happened, especially with the large stands take so much space really love to see a bigger play map so whe can make a real as it gets airport :grin:

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