Further Land Expansion

It hasn’t been brought up for a while, so I thought it would be appropriate to ask for further land expansion past what we already get. A lot of people would enjoy having some more room to work with, within their saves for whatever reason. Hopefully this could be added to the game in an upcoming Alpha.

When ACEO was originally released, there were five land parcels you could buy. It led to massive drops in performance. So, the world size was reduced from 1500 to 700, and parcels from five to three.

You can hack GameData.json at your own risk. Variables to look for: worldSize,leftUnlocked, topLeftUnlocked,topUnlocked,topRightUnlocked,rightUnlocked. leftUnlocked and topLeftUnlocked may be deactivated.

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Ok. Hopefully devs could find away to do it without killing frame rate or us doing it ourselves

We have a new grid system so expanding the land is not that much of a hurdle anymore. It will be something we’ll look at for large aircraft.


Are you going to get rid of the 4x4 blocks for foundations and placement of large objects? That would be awesome

No, sorry, that’s not going to happen for the foreseeable future of Airport CEO. :frowning:

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I used this trick. But…

@Olof … Dear Olof… I want to expand the terrain also on the left, but nothing happens with the trick (applying left unlocked true)

I can expand the terrain above and to the right, but to the left no. Is it possible that in a future update it is possible to expand on the left applying the usual trick?

Thanks in advance and future! I love the Alpha 32!

PS: I only have one question about the latest update. How to correctly apply the stairs so that they work correctly?

How do I increase world size on a Mac? Is it the same way like on Windows?


Then select the save file you want to edit and open GameData.json

Search for these: WorldSize; x: 700, y:700, z:1

What you need to do is change the number 700 (for either x, y or both) which is the current number of tiles. I think you have to do it in multiples of 4, though I could be wrong. So 712, 720, 740 and so on just to be safe.

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