Funny Aviation Stories

Hi guys,
This is kind of a follow-up from “interesting aviation journeys.”
Whether you’re in the industry or a passenger, I want to hear your funniest aviation story!
I’ll start with one my grandad experienced…
He was flying in a 747 back in the 70’s when they had a very hard landing in J’burg. The bump was so major the gas masks fell from the ceiling!. The crew were talking about the landing as they boarded from a crew switch. Probably messed the tyres up!
Can’t wait for your stories.


One day I saw a passenger trying to go up the escalator which a baggage cart full of bags when there was an elevator just around the corner lol


Once I was with my Dad at an internship in Rochester, NY and our flight was delayed 3 hours, and then the pilots managed to mixup gates A5 and A2. They actually departed for gate A5 with only about 10 passengers, then realized their mistake and boarded the rest of the flight. On top of that, they strayed the wrong way towards the GA area, and finally turned around and took off. On landing they landed going on the take off path. They flew fine but they must of been blind lol.


A few weeks ago, when the landing gears went down, they really shake the plane.

Sounds dodgy! What plane?

An 18 year old (At the time) Boeing 747-400.

Ah, sounds like great fun.

Today I was on a plane… turns out it had to make a fuel stop which we didn’t know about… that added 4 hours to the flight.:smile:

That sucks, was it a long flight?

Roughly 8 hours, got back at 3 (UTC).

Including the fuel stop? :grin:

We were refueling a Corendon Boeing 737-800 on the right wing when we noticed a liquid coming outside the left wing.
It was kerosine lol, what happened is that an overpressure valve failed and didn’t seal the tank properly and due to that the fuel started pouring out. Fire department had to come in and clean the spill.

Wow, I guess that’s why they say that passengers are the captain’s eyes!

These are some crazy stories not sure about funny, like getting delayed I’d be annoyed.