Funding issues

Seem to be having an issues with funds. At the top of the new in game hour, funds go into minus figures as they usually would to show expenditure. However the total funds drops by a larger amount than shown in the per hour box.

I’m slowly losing funds over the course of the game, despite having a decent budget sheet with a regular profit per hour.

Thought I was going crazy at first before carefully watching the total funds. Seems to be losing almost twice as much as the per hour figure suggests…

Bug 29716 has been created, wondering if anyone else has noticed this, and whether I did something to trigger it?

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I’ve captured screenshots at 17:58 and 18:00 in game time. The total loss is EXACTLY double shown in the per hour box.

Can’t figure out if the game is taking funds off me or whether my budget isn’t telling me the whole story…

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As far as I know, the loan repayments are split into interest payments and loan repayments. The loan interest is considered part of your operating income. Repayments are counted as other costs. This can cause you to have a positive hourly income, yet lose money.

I haven’t played yet on the newest version, but there have been issues with the budget before.

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Any ideas on this @Fredrik?


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