Fuel Trucks keep turning around at vehicle checkpoint

Hi have just started a new game and have completed the basic part of my airport, however when I order the fuel trucks for my three tanks one goes through the checkpoint and the other 2 or three simply get to the gate and turn back leaving two of the three tanks dry. This only seems to be affecting currently the fuel tanker trucks and not the refuelers themselves when I buy them.
I have tried restarting the game to clear any hidden bugs and deleting and rebuilding the checkpoint and parts of the roads leading to it. Any suggestions would be great thanks.

Most logical issue would be “Normal” road behind the checkpoint.

Consider demolish/rebuild it.

Hi Jasper
Thanks for the reply, have tried removing all the roads on both sides and rebuilt with still no success. I’m wondering if it’s a bug in this game and whether to start a fresh.

Use the ingame bug report tool, post the ID from bug here and the DEVs can take a peak.

I just wondered; is your airport already open?

Yes I opened to see if it made any difference to no avail. I’ll send a bug report to the dev team. Thank you

Is that a one way arrow outside the vehicle depot across from the fuel depots, as a shot in the dark try removing that if you haven’t already?

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You have english traffic - left sided?
I use ‘normal’ european traffic - right sided - and my checkpoint building is in the same side of the road like yours. I think, it has to be on the other side.
Do you have the checkpoint building builded that the connector to normal (=landside) road is on the landside and the connector to the construction (=airside) road is on the airside of the checkpoint? Could you post a screenshot with the detailed check point, please?

The game normally shows the RED marks even when the wrong road is connected, not?

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Were you able to solve this issue? To me it looks like those arrows are causing more issues than helping…

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