Fuel truck weird behaviour


Anyone know why my fuel trucks don’t refuel all aircrafts until the fuel runs out?
My fuel trucks seems to refuel one aircraft then return to vehicle depot.
Anyone has the same problem?

I trowed money and bought more trucks and now I have all trucks fueling the same aircraft. Btw I’m using the latest version.

I think this is something that will improve quite quickly. The latest EXP release had an update to the job despatch system. I cannot how it would be much more work to adapt it to vehicles too. Soon™ I would say

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To my knowledge, i have never had a fuel truck fill up more than one aircraft before it returns to the vehicle depot. I do know that my fuel trucks recently are the source of much problem. I currently have refueling shut off at my airport because the fuel truck dispatching didn’t have a chance to recover when the cascade of errors occurred. Seems to be a tenuous balance for an aiport of >50 gates and use of the autoscheduler setting the all up to arrive and depart at the same time. One or two major back-ups in one of the Qs and everything comes crumbling to the ground.

After I reloaded they stoped to refuel the same aircraft.

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