Fuel Truck inside terminal building

Hi This is my first post here and I noticed one bug that I didn’t found in the forum or i’m blind.

The fuel trucks are going directly to the fuel depot through the terminal instead of use the service road.

Is your service road of the Fuel Depot connected too the main road with a security checkpoint in between?

Yes, when my fuel truck (not the fuel company truck) is empty after a refuel in a spot they come directly to the fuel depot through everything xD no matter walls, people o furniture, like the construction workers.

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Can you pls printscreen your airport?

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Nice setup.

Why no benches before checkin?

Lots of money too, how you all accumulate that fast :stuck_out_tongue:, nice dedication.

We really need valadation tools for these kind of problems.

Did you use any normal road connections in stead of service road in between the stands and the depot?

Maybe file a bug report when that is not it.

I’m adding more furniture and fixing the airport little by little jejejee.

If I used public road instead of the other one nope, there is the services road attached to the stands and on the right side more services road. During the depot was filling up for the first time I noticed the bug but now I have not seenit again, all the fuel trucks are going properly in the services road xDD

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Which fuel truck is it (IIRC there are three types, right?)?