Fuel service connected, but doesn't work

I am working through the tutorial, and I am stuck at “Refuel 5 GA planes”. Fuel is delivered, the truck is there, it has filled up and returned to the depot, and refueling is enabled.

However, all GA planes I checked say “Refueling not requested”.

I have already tried

  • switching it off and on again,
  • saving and reloading.

but either I am really unlucky and of more than two hundred GA planes I just chewed through on x3 speed, less than five requested refueling, or something else is broken.

I have uploaded the savegame:

Hmmmmm, that’s a strange one.

First thing I did was to double lane the road outside of the vehicle depot, nope, requested extra fuel and was delivered, yep, good. Relocated the vehicle depot, check, Built a weather station. Did the save and load like when my games loose it. Check. Spawned a Cesena with low fuel, didn’t respond either??? Strange.

I’ll keep looking for you.

I’d use the bug report feature on the website home page. I’ve tried several things to get it going to no avail.

I have a save where they don’t request fuel very often either, that is located in Finland. Is anyone else whose airports is in the Europe region getting the same issue?

Try (sorry) starting again in another region. Though I do like your current location, it’s a cool airport.

I haven’t tried your save, but is Fuel service turned on in your dashboard/airport settings?

I think the issue is that the GA planes’ range in kilometers is less than the distance to the next airport from Reykjavik specifically. From the savegame:


So, Airports somewhere in the world are selected as the source of the airplanes (I just saw that someone flew his GA plane from Shanghai to Reykjavik), and the remaining fuel of the tank is selected to be enough to get back, so the fuel tank is more than 100% full on landing (however that works - additional non-refuelable fuel tanks under the wings, maybe?).

However, according to this site Bergen Airport airports seem to be in a range of less than 1500 kilometers from Reykjavik. When I tried to play Kristiansand/Kjevik airport (KRS), however, I saw that the airport list is not complete: Kristiansand was listed as Stavanger (250 km by road). Stavanger, however, is also less than 1600 km away from Reykjavik, so I am not sure what the issue is. Distance Calculation, maybe?

I have for now found


in the savegame and changed that to 5, hoping that this would help with that step from the tutorial, but it doesn’t.

It depends on where your airport is from my understanding. If it is some random place that is really far from other airports, then the AI would spawn airplanes that already have full tanks. Try starting in another city, though I would not like to do that, but it worked for me at the end.

I have the same problem at my airport, last airport I build had no problems at all at the same location. - edit; bug report submitted - and then when I hired aiport staff, they suddenly started fuelling PA planes.