Fuel Depot not receiving deliveries

I have 3 Jet A1 Fuel Depots. One of them is not receiving fuel deliveries. There are little yellow fuel trucks that will show up to the vehicle checkpoints then turn around and leave without going to a depot. The other 2 depots are receiving fuel deliveries. I have made some direct routing to that depot with delivery trucks, fuel trucks and catering trucks only able to use them.

Make sure it’s connected to the outside world. Since it’s dark it’s hard to see if that’s the case.


Yeah seems as if they cannot find a path over there. Consider using the vehicle path analysis tool.

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I removed all of the all restrictions on the roads so any thing can use them. I had 1 truck finally go fill up the depot originally in question. I currently have 5 Jet A1 delivery trucks roaming around my airport. They pass by all 3 fuel depots and do not enter any of them. All 3 are now empty. I do not know how to use the vehicle path analysis tool.

Click on the little magnifying glass near the right bottom and then click the vehicle sign. Lastly, select to road squares and see if there is a path between them.

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