Fredrik Olof. Was wondering about an Idea for testing

Wondering you guys thought of a volunteer system of help to see if different configurations of desktops/laptops work great for release day. A quick form and sending an invite to those who want to help finding bugs and reporting before release. I’m sure we all have different desktop systems which can help in finding any early major bugs? At least ensuring a easy release on EA. How many times have we seen releases and complete messes where the game doesn’t load, error- not saving, horrible framerates etc…basically unplayable. Even SimAirport was a mess on Day 1 (was much much much better the day or two after)

Just a thought! Yeah, I can’t wait! Yeah, I’m dying to play! But yeah, would love to help also! Oh and yeah, when I read the devlog and they said, they have to test the game before releasing, I was like oooooh maaaaaan; more waiting lol Or you guys have a room filled with a large amount of desktop configurations which makes my idea squashed lol.


Copying a reply from Steam,

"It is an early access game, that’s kind of the point… "

That being said, I wonder if their log/crashlog also records the hardware config so as to make things easier.

We haven’t found out their system for receiving feedback/bug/crash report.

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I knew it was a longshot. Never hurts to try

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Isn’t a long shot. It’s exactly what you’re getting :wink:

You volunteer using the steam “Buy” button and using your special testing configuration of computer. This will allow you to test the game, find and report bugs before the game is released! Exactly what you asked for!


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