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Last night while playing I noticed my franchise workers were not moving and had sort of do not enter sign flashing on there head in red circle. Only on the secound floor of the terminal in both shops and restaurants “floor 1”. checked the employee cards and all health and stamina levels were all at lowest levels and not moving. I built them a staff room close buy and they wouldn’t use it then i thought they were franchise workers from the store and wouldn’t have to supply staff room and when i checked the accesses for room there is no option for franchise workers.

Just woundering how i can fix this issue? Any help is apprecedated
Thanks John
ps fantastic game just started playing and enjoy every minute thanks again

Could you please provide screenshots…

Sounds as if they can not find a path…?

Did you try a save& reload?

Ill crab so screen shots later when i start again to night.

they were at the cash registers just not leaving I have seen the cannot find path red bubble above this is different.

No but when i start tonight it will reload

I haven’t been able to get any shops or restaurants to work except on ground floor. I’m all but sure zones and such were not a factor as I had it all originally built on the ground floor, then simply reproduced my entire terminal up on “Floor 1” with escalators at the main entrance…all in order to upgrade to jet bridges. Everything worked absolutely fine except shops and restaurants. In my case though, the “staff” never showed up after signing a contract. Nixed the idea of a second floor and no jet bridge, rebuilt it all on ground floor and viola!

Same all most exactly how it went down!

Hmmm… Sounds as if it is a bug…

Please file bug reports, if not yet done.

reloaded save game last night no problems with the franchise workers on both floors for at least 2 years in game time.
thanks for the help and suggestions
Thanks John

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Ha, same! Built back my 2nd floor, opened franchises - no problem. Nothing different other than didn’t do all the 2nd floor build in the same sitting so multiple saves/reloads.

works fine this time around I built the upstairs restaurant as one giant store and the lower floor as a giant shop and all seem to be working fine ill post pic tonight for sure before i start playing

Ga 12 stands 4 Med stands 15 large stands 2 terminals

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