Franchise won't show contract option

I looked in the forums for a subject on this matter and I couldn’t find one. I have looked online and watched other players videos and I haven’t come across this so not sure what I am doing wrong. In all of their videos they just click the shop and the contracts can be viewed.

I build a shop, food or franchise it doesn’t matter as it happens with both, and when I click it it doesn’t give me options for a contract. I have built shops with and without walls (yes there were doors). I have placed shop items and yet it still won’t come up with what everyone else sees.

Okay, my apologies. It seems to have finally corrected itself, after spending two or more hours on this…

For some reason I thought I would check my stands as people were standing instead of sitting like they usually are and the two stands in question wouldn’t show options so I checked the other flight which was okay. Then I rechecked the shop and now it shows options. No idea what happened but leaving this up in case it is a bug or if anyone else has this problem.