Foundation Bulldozer

Is anyone having the problem they can’t use the foundation bulldozer?

Experimental Branche 25.4-3
Reported it as a bug aswell > ACEO-3655


Yes, bug reported too also. Phew, not the only one.

As a work around I’ve found if you select foundation build and hold the CTRL key it will let you demolish thankfully. I found out the hard way after laying incorrectly laid foundation that I tried using the bulldozer to remove. ARGHHH. I then remembered the alt method which thankfully still works.

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Damn, didn’t even think of that, thanks!

Yes, I had this too, but you can CRTL build the foundation now for some reason. mmmm, I did not see Rubble’s reaction for some reason.

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Thanks, we have a few reports on it now, as @jasperwillem correctly identified you can still CTRL-delete it.

didn’t happen to me untill i started playing the devbranch, but yeah ctrl still works.

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This should be fixed as of 25.4-4! :slight_smile:

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