Forum to be migrated on Thursday October 17 14:00 UTC+2 [Migration Complete!]

Hello Earthlings! :robot: :computer:

Tomorrow, on Thursday October 17 at 14:00 (UTC+2) the Forum will enter into a ready-only mode and remain unavailable for several hours as we perform important server upgrade work. The service windows will in the best scenario last a few hours but in the worst a day or two, and we’ll keep you update on the progress via Twitter!

The Forum may not go offline immediately at 14:00 but please note that all posts that occur after the scheduled time will not reappear once the Forum is brought back online. The Forum will be brought back gradually and as we configure settings and work out any potential migration bugs, service might be interrupted causing the connection to drop. We therefore recommend avoid posting anything until we’ve officially declared the Forum to be back and fully operational.

Thank you for your understanding and patience throughout this process!


Go HAL, daisy… daisy…


Get those Airport logos Submitted before being potentially cut off!!!

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I will pray a silent prayer to the allmighty IT and infrastructure god.


I thought it was just the Demo gods?


Forum going into read-only in nine minutes! :robot:


See you soon :tm:


Testing, testing… is this thing on? :microphone:


Images are broken :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve switched IP so it might take awhile for everything to come back as global DNS chaces are updated worldwide.

Looks good here:

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Actually it’s a problem with all “old” images and smileys pointing to your test forum: (link removed to avoid confusion)

New posts work, but the old ones have the wrong URL.

Edit: To be more precise, maybe the images would work, but the browser refuses to load them from an unsecure URL (wrong domain for certificate).

I see, hold on…

Edit: Images are currently being re-indexed and should reappear across the forum over time.

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Some already working again. Looks good.

Great. Let’s sit back and let @HAL9000 do its thing. Seems like everything went fine but will keep an eye on it for a while longer before we start to kill the backups… :sunglasses:


All hail @HAL9000


We all need to show @HAL9000 the appropriate deference and respect:


Some of the old pictures are still not showing correctly but the O’Hare drinks cart video is showing properly though.

The forum has a loooong history and a lot of images… I’m suspecting that @HAL9000 will be working throughout the night or even a few days with updating the image paths. If it’s not fixed within a week or so I will start to look into it! :slight_smile:


Sounds reasonable enough! I could watch that O’Hare video so often that I probably won’t get bored for a few weeks anyway (I do need to stop that and get on with my life at some point though)

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