Forum to be migrated on Thursday February 1 09:00 UTC+1 [Migration Complete!]

Good day everyone! :computer: :robot: :woman_technologist: :computer_mouse:

The Forum and Airport CEO website will on Thursday, 1st of February, 09:00 UTC+1 will be brought offline as it will be migrated to a new host.

The Forum may not go offline immediately at 09:00 but please note that all posts that occur after the scheduled time will not reappear once the Forum is brought back online.

It’s difficult to estimate how long the service window will last, but we expect it to do so for at minimum one hour and at maximum six. The Forum will be brought back gradually and as we configure settings and work out any potential migration bugs, service might be interrupted causing the connection to drop. We therefore recommend avoid posting anything until we’ve officially declared the Forum to be back and fully operational.

Thank you for your understanding and patience! :robot:

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I’m sure you can manage Hal. Don’t let the certificates bite :stuck_out_tongue:


Testing testing… we’re up on the new host. Does this work?

Edit: Appears to be working. Will run some additional tests, expect unexpected connection drops.

Update: Migration complete. If nothing unexpected occurs stability should be restored.


Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, it worked :slight_smile: Well done @Olof

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Good. Very good. This means that the game is developing and investments done for the future. I like it.

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Haha, what an experssion. Yes, this worked unexpectedly well… I am a bit hesitant to say hurrah just yet but I guess once in any developers life something with IT was bound to just simply work.

We also enabled a new e-mailing service during this migration, hopefully newsletters shouldn’t show up on your doorstep a week after the devlog has dropped… :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed! This new host was made possible solely by the airport CEOs. :slight_smile:


Can we have pagination in this forum? On long threads its a big hassle to scroll to the end. Or did I miss the “jump to the last post” button?

Yes, you did, you see the timeline on the right side here? ----------------------------------------------------->

You can press it and it will bring you to a certain point in time. :slight_smile:


AAh! Great. I never noticed it as scroll-/clickable … Thank you!


Sorry for posting in this slightly old thread, but couldn’t figure out any other place to post…
I don’t know about anyone else but since the migration of the forums I am having a terrible time of extremely slow loading times of the forum pages, almost to the point of having to give up and go do something else. (that’s why I been soo quiet recently) - and I just give up waiting for pictures to load.
Is it just me or do others have the same problem?

I have zero problem. Although I feel that forum speed up a lot.

I’ve not noticed any side effects either. Try clearing your caches, deleting cookies etc.

I’m sad to hear that! :confused: Of course, you are connecting from NZ which I believe is literally on the other side of the Earth compared to our server location. Shouldn’t be an issue though as the distance between it (the location of the old server) and the new VPS is about 40 (metric) miles. Do we have any other NZ visitors with the same kind of speed related issue?

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I have definitely found the website a lot slower this last month. I didn’t want to say anything, as I just assumed it was me. My load times are often over a minute and I’m not sure why :cry:

I’m in Australia if that helps

FYI I also don’t use my provides DNS servers either. I set my own to a good public one. I used to have issues with the providers DNS taking a long time to load sites.

Just chucking anything I can think of out there.

@Olof You make it read like the new servers are forty miles from NZ they way that’s phrased. Took me a few minutes to work out, the VPS is about 40 miles from its previous location.

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Haha, thanks, a day of bending code will do that to you. Yes, the distance between the two locations we’ve had the Forum on should really be negligible when connecting from Australia or NZ. I will check with out provider tomorrow if there is anything throttling traffic from that part of the world! :slight_smile:

Edit: I did run a few tests on Pingdom, it takes about a second to load the site here in Sweden and about six from Melbourne according to them. With you having load times of over a minute I’d say there’s definitely something going on.

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Just hit the forum from MegaProxy to test it from an alt location (Las Vegas) and it was super fast.

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Are you still experiencing the forum as super slow?

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