Forum quote function broken on Firefox Mac

Can’t complete the little forum bot tutorial because the quote function is broken.

No quote button popup, and no selected text gets quoted when clicking Reply.

I manually quoted the bot, but it didn’t recognize the quote (probly because it was missing attribution).

Are you running an adblocker on the forum?

No. Adblock is disabled for the whole domain.

Same thing with Chrome 61.0.3163.100 (64-bits) on Windows by the way. No adblocker running.

Hmm, I just ran a test on Firefox and Chrome and was able to get the quote button to work without any issues. Quite strange but I’m on a Mac and are running the latest version. Do you have any addons (not blockers) that may interfere?

Doesn’t work on the mobile version of Chrome.

I didn’t ever get any quote pop-up button on the forums on Safari, but I do use AdBlock :stuck_out_tongue:. I believe however that you should be able to continue the tutorial by using the little ‘quote/message’ icon on the top left of the text editor, or by selecting the text and pressing reply. :smiley:

Jeremy, I tried that, but it didn’t work… see my screenshot. :confused:
Selecting the text and hitting reply does not populate the reply box with the selected text as a quote for me.
And bot didn’t recognize the pasted then quoted text.

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Just pulled an update from the branch. Does this issue persist?

Yes… Just tested in FF 56.0 (64-bit), and Chromium 61.0.3163.79 (Developer Build) (64-bit)

No quote button popup, selected text > Reply does not populate reply field.

Oddly, if I select > copy > reply > paste > then hit quote in reply toolbar
… it DOES include quoted attributes in the markdown:

[quote="Olof, post:10, topic:4036, full:true"]

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