Forum is getting cluttered

I’m having this feeling that the forum is getting cluttered. With a lot of new people joining us after release and with good ideas, struggles, bugs and many more thingd everyone likes to share.

But this all now in the open, with to many topic related to existing ones which I believe could’ve been merged. I’ve been reading every morning, afternoon and evening and every time there are like 20+ new topic. Which contains about 30% if ideas, 40% of baggage belt issues and another 30% strange and awkward bugs/happenings and others.

I really like that everyone is sharing there experience and I don’t want people to stop doing that, but maybe we need some new rules about creating new topics or categories to split everything up in a clearer overview. Because I kinda lost overview on my phone.

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I agree, but its a balancing act. If we go too heavy handed we might scare off new people. It will calm down and then we can clean up i think

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This is what a game forum looks like. Get used to it! It will never change

I kind of have to agree, a few merges would go a long way in the forum looking tidy.

We’ll discuss this within the staff team and see what we can do to get it less cluttered :smiley:


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