A quiz about ATC tower. Are you ready?

Where is this?

Good luck :grinning:

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Hmmmm maybe Geneva ?


Airport_Tower_Genewa_4230.JPG means it is from… uhh… I know it is Dubai International airport :stuck_out_tongue:

My turn:

Well it is JFK.

Yes it was clearly Dubai :grin: :wink:

Try this one…

Bratislava airport, Slovakia :slight_smile:
Easy one:

San Francisco SFO
This one is easy.


That is correct sir. :eggplant:

Barcelona el prat

And this?

Sidney Kingsford-Smith Airport

This one is a bit harder:

an airport with a GB registered plane

have fun

This was hard… Split airport

And that is correct! How did you know ?

There is already a forum game which is basically the same game: FORUM GAME: What Airport am I?

here it has to be a picture of the control tower, so no pictures inside the terminals.


how did you know it was egbj

1, I’ve flown from there in X-Plane.

2,I reverse google searched it, that pictures from the wiki.