“Forced to go around”?

I’m just wondering what the alerts for “[Flight] was forced to go around” mean? I assume it means that the aircraft made a second approach before landing, but I’m not sure. I’ve even seen it for GA flights. What causes it? Can it be prevented?

IRL, an aircraft is told to “go around” when there is a too near aircraft already in the pattern, either landing, or taking off and the separation of the aircraft would be too close.

Yes, we are working on adding some clarification. I also reduced the chance of it happening. Every aircraft have a small chance of a missed approach/go-around, between 0-5%. If it is night time, that chance will go up slightly and if it is night and your runways doesn’t have approach lights, it will go up even more to a maximum of 15% chance. These numbers could be adjusted later on if it is still too much. The notification around go around will now inform you that the runway is missing approach light if that is the case. Later on weather will also increase the chance of a missed approach. I hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:


Very cool, i once had a go-around because the tower was to busy, to much chatter on the frequency, so they never gave us landing clearance in CPH. So a few meters above the runway, we aborted takeoff and set full power and made a go around. ATC realized this, and apologized like 15 times before we where back on approach haha.


Do adding the papi lights help any?

Awesome, thank you! I hadn’t even noticed that the new runway system omits approach lights but I will make sure to include them now!

Do adding the papi lights help any?

Nice question :roll_eyes:

I believe so

Not at the moment, but I can add it :slight_smile:


that will be realistic and papi lights are just decoration (as of now)

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