Follow me and safty Cars to Check the runway

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A couple days before, I landed on a really small Airport and the" follow me " shows us the way to our parking position.

Other point, from time to time the runway needs to be inspected. For this reason the runway will be closed an a safty car is checking, if the runway is in good condition.

If there a possibility that will implemented, too?

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I have never really understood the purpose of follow me cars scince all taxiways has a letter and I don’t know if they are used a lot today. Safety cars driving around would be nice. Scaring away birds or inspect runways and taxiways.

Follow me cars are not used on taxi ways. Normally they’ll used on apron or for advice the plane a parking lot / parking position

A follow me car can have many uses in order to increase the efficiency of the airport or mitigate potential risks.

A simple example might be a flight crew that is unfamiliar with a busy airport being guided through the busiest section so that they don’t cause undue delays by being cautious about going the wrong way. Another example might be quickly and efficiently getting an emergency aircraft to an appropriate place to ensure the aircraft doesn’t get lost, it may be quicker for the aircraft to taxi to a gate to offload a medical emergency than to stop on the runways or taxiways.

If the airport is under Low Visibility Procedures or there is an area of potential hazard, for example maintenance on a taxiway or a commonly used taxiway is out of service a follow me car may be requested due to difficulties in seeing and correctly following the aforementioned signage and routing instructions. In some cases this might only apply to the difficult section of the route, navigating past the problem taxiways and then leaving the aircraft to make it’s own way.

ATC might request a car is sent to pick up an aircraft that is either incorrectly reading back taxi instructions or has made a mistake/got lost whilst following the instructions. Sometimes it’s just standard practice.

For the game I would suggest that a follow-me car can be available for aircraft that would otherwise have to taxi-quite slowly and maybe make incorrect turns on the airfield. You may have a fleet of follow me vehicles alongside the other birdscaring and FOD checking vehicles but you can upgrade your system to have switchable taxiway lighting or “Follow the Greens” lighting which means you can reduce your fleet. Although you may still wish to keep some of them around in case you get a taxiway lighting failure that needs to be fixed before you can use “Follow the Greens”.

A case you might want a follow me car or follow the greens - Actual ILS CAT IIIB autoland and low vis taxi at MXP - B767 - YouTube
Follow me for semi-complicated taxi route - Cockpit View Lufthansa Airbus Frankfurt Airport to Shenyang - YouTube
Follow the greens for taxiway routing in LVPs- Follow the Greens - YouTube


Didn’t know all that. Thanks :slight_smile:

+1 for teh follow cars game mechanic.

@Bigbigcheese: very detailed and interesting post!

Interesting topic, even I learned something about follow me cars. :slight_smile: There are no plans to implement this right now, but there is no reason to say it won’t be on our radar for the future.


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