Airline Name: FlyParadise

Airline Description: FlyParadise is a cheap holiday charter airline, flying people from all over the world to sunny holiday destinations. It was set up by John Panniacci, a well known airline-founder, after he had an unfortunate incident with a toilet on a holiday charter flight. FlyParadise focuses on making people happy - after all, they are going on holiday!

Airline CEO Name: John Panniacci

Airline Design Image:

  • 10 CRJ700
  • 10 CRJ900
  • 10 CRJ1000
  • 20 A320
  • 10 A321
  • 10 A330

I’m not sure I like this design. It feels just not quite right to me. Please tell me what you think and how I could improve…
Thanks! :slight_smile:


this looks a lot like the aloha air livery from the 90s.