Flying without a pasport

Saw this post on one of the local news locations:

Personally i think its a good improvement but it will probably also get allot of negativity over the Privacy topic, i’m currious what most people here have to say about it. it will improve the logistics of an airport significantly since you don’t need a passport aisle anymore not even the automatic gates (those are sometimes even slower than a human check)

it will also be less of a nucance since you don’t have to bring your passport with you, currently the passport is the biggest document that you have to take with you (outside of the EU) in the EU you can travel with only your phone in your pocket and 1 ID card (i put it sandwiched between the back of my phone and the phone case)

i do see allot of benefit for a small human change (okay massive infrastructure change if it works) and not a whole lot of privacy problems, currently all data that they will gather with this system is already gatherd with the old system. They will only use a different way obtaining it.

i’m currious what people here think about this “testcase”

It seems to me as if they are ‘only’ removing the passport check, you still have to carry your passport with you for legal reasons. They then appear to replace the passport check by a facial recognition system which would in the end still mean that you have a check, albeit a shorter one. You would still have to stand in front of some sort of gate, which would only open if it recognizes you because there has to be a way of stopping people if they are not recognized.

Personally, I’m just waiting for the day when we can be chipped with some sort of master-chip that will be linked to my bank account and my passport and will mean that I can go where I want and purchase what I want just by waving my arm past a sensor.

How I read it the cameras identify on the fly so you can have a walking mass of people instead of having to stand still in front of a camera, don’t know how to filter out the unidentified people. But I would guess it would work with single line walking funnels like with secure-zone exits, or possibly combined with the security checks (combined with the röntgen system?).

Indeed for legal reasons you still have to carry it probably but it’s a step in the right direction, if they don’t first test a half solution then they won’t trust investing in a total conversion. Not on infrastructures of this size, these infrastructures always evolve on small itterations to preserve the stability. Europe is already a bit further, here you don’t need a passport you can travel in the whole of Europe with only your idcard, (passport scanners also accept these) and some governments are busy digitizing the idcard so they you only need your phone with a special app.

Whenever I read “blockchain technology” I always immediately think “ah okay so this is never going to happen”… :stuck_out_tongue: … that said, it would be nice if we in the EU could get Schengen to work properly because I still wouldn’t dare flying to Paris or whatever without a passport… then again I shouldn’t say something because we can’t even go to Denmark anymore without being screened with IDs on the way back.

True on the blockchain buzzword since it’s an ungrounded buzzword that’s mostly said by people that have no background knowledge of the technology itself. It’s in every industry that there are buzzwords and in my own industry is also a very hyped buzzword now but the blockchain reached a level that it’s used on locations where it’s not needed just to use the word.

But because of that I always try to ignore the word blockchain and try to look for the other words of discription,

Here it explains that they want to build a software-hardware infrastructure to achieve digitalization in 1 of the lowest-tech nodes of the airport business with a Goal to optimize/increase logistical flows to increase troughput without increasing raw capacity, this can be a real good investment since the infrastructure change is more heavily focused on r&d costs than on recurrent costs. Increasing an airport passport check size is probably a cheap initial investment but requires allot of maintenance and probably also more people, it also has deminishing returns in scalability compared to a system where you don’t have to stop walking.

I mostly fly from the Netherlands to Poland, czech, Hungary, Greece, Austria, ect not to the south. But on these routes I never have my passport with me. We go 1 or 2 times a year to China and it’s always searching for my passport since i never use it😅

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I work at an airport within the Schengen zone and it is always funny to hear the passengers sneakily talking to each other slightly proud about how they managed to ‘sneak’ onto a flight without showing their Passport.

As for Sweden-Denmark they are both part of the Schengen zone and therefore it is against regulations to performs border controls, so strictly speaking you would be allowed to ‘refuse’ to be screened and they should have to allow you. (There are some temporary causes in which it is allowed). I visited Stockholm a few months ago and will be travelling to Copenhagen soon so I will likely make the trip to Sweden aswell but I don’t think I’ll try to be smart ass.

EDIT, I just checked, the border control appears to temporarily have been reinstated for Sweden, although when I flew in I was never checked. Exceptions to free travel

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