Flybmi ceases operations

Another one bites the dust… Flybmi claims to be a victim of the Brexit, one of many to come…?

Is Flybmi part of any livery mod kit?

Flying small regional jets on a regional routes with avg 60% load is a no-go when the fuel prices go up. I believe what we see right now is just a preparation for the worse times. Next ones in line - Jet Airways, Adria, Norwegian, Wow… :frowning:

Indeed… Bigger airliners like Norwegian with long haul flights have more chances to survive, but indeed higher fuel prices could make a lot more victims :pensive:

We’ve got a few lines in Sweden that were affected by this, quite sad to see indeed. I actually have a short weekend trip booked to London for the 29th of March, speaking of Brexit… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :eu:


Bring your passport! And hopefully they’ll let you go again… :blush:

Have some business trips coming up for London as well in the upcoming months, so let’s see what happens. Will definitely add up in security and customs time I presume… :roll_eyes: