Fly Premium

Airline Name: Fly Premium

Airline Description: Steve Gates runs a business empire left behind by his parents. As a child, he dreamed of running an airline. He launched an international airline targeting rich businessmen, by the name “Fly Premium", as a way to fulfill his childhood dream. The airlines came out as a huge success and have been expanding ever since. With their normal fleet size Fly Premium prides itself on passenger service, hence their motto is “Where Passenger Comes First”

Airline CEO Name: Steve Gates

Airline Design Image:

I have changed the livery and the logo, as recommended by some of the community members here, I would like to thank them for participating and giving feedback and as always I welcome more feedback.

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I like the livery, but the logo is off… I can’t pinpoint it.

Yeah logo needs improvement, I mean only “FLY PREMIUM” and paper plane would be enough.

Also I think writing on airplane needs a new color. This one doesn’t fit with white-ish green and black.

Thanks for your feedback, I will change it.