Florida International Airport - FLI

With steadily increasing passenger numbers but limited space availability for further growth at Hollywood Intl Airport in Fort Lauerdale and Miami International Airport it was decided to finally continue the development of Dade-Collier Airport, about 60 km west of Miami’s CBD, to a commercial airport to cope for any increase in passenger traffic beyond the capacities of FLL and MIA. After reconstruction the airport was reopened to the public as Florida International Airport (FLI). Once phase one of the construction will be completed, the airport will consist of two independent east/west runways and one passenger terminal with three concourses and 30 medium stands, of which 28 will be equipped with jet bridges. The master plan includes extension plans for two additional east/west runways and up to 60 medium and large stands in total.
For the inauguration of the airport, concourse A with 10 medium stands was opened and construction of concourse B is scheduled to start in the near future.

(The free space between the check-in area and the security checkpoints will be filled with shops and restaurants later)

Let me know what you think and stay tuned for further additions.


Nice build!

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May I ask how you got the 7 vehicle parking space to have concrete flooring?

Maybe I’m just oblivious and missing the obvious, but I haven’t been able to find a way to do so

Place the decorative concrete tiles underneath.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Does any of these airports have a “download” button?


Some can be found on the Steam Workshop. But look for those from late 2020 up to today. Older ones aren’t built with the latest features and are maybe broken.

lay down concrete tarmac on top of it