Floor cleaning robot

As our airports get bigger in size, so does the cleaning area. No matter how many janitors I hire, they’re very slow to reach the designated point of dirt. So I am suggesting a floor cleaning machine/robot; I’m guessing it can either be manually controlled or automatic. With several of these little guys cleaning by themselves, I hope we can solve all of our floor cleaning problems.
P.S. Pressing F10 and ‘cleaning all floors’ works at times but eventually the dirt is formed faster than pressing F10 over and over again.



Might be something for ‘the terminal update’.

A collection of indoor vehicles.
-sweeping machine (cleaning floor)
-small buggy/golf cart (transport of personnel)
-medium buggy/golf cart (transport of personnel and special assistance) (wheelchair and such)
-Medical assistance buggy, medium caddy with brancard. (For the panic update)

Charging station.
Parking spot for electric vehicles with charging facilities.
-small 1spot
-Medium 2 spots
-Large 4 spots


automatic While it might be more realistic, but I’d prefer if the thing would have its eyes opened.


I hope we can vote for what’s coming next, esp I’m hoping for a long travellator.

Yes this would be a cool idea for large airports so you don’t need a million janators

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great idea!! haha Eyes open :joy:

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I think one solution to the issue is being able to have assigned staff to certain areas. As of right now, as @twocflyer mentions to me, you can just have staff rooms in the area you want them to “hang out at”.

But what if you could actually assign an area of your terminal for your janitor to work in? In roller coaster tycoon (i bring this up because of the ability) you could click the janitor and then assign to an area, when doing so, it’d let you select the blocks that they would be in charge of.

This way, you hire a janitor, assign to an area, and that person is just a floater in that assigned area.

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I think that with that we can add police cars and police personnel around the airport, and apart from the airport personnel we can have a new board member called airport operations or something like that. Then we will have a team that can help passengers with things like delayed flights, and calming people down, etc…

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Possibly that’ll be coming in the panic update. However, I like your idea of airport police and personnel. In the latest version, enabling/disabling security is merely a button with no functions, which I dislike.

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Good! I don’t think the second image is okay, but the idea is great! Maybe it could be expanded so janitors could do it, the floor would get dirty after some time, like a more complex system.

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I actually thought the exact opposite. I would like to see the manual robot more than the automatic one as the manual one would be one you would actually find at most airports. The automatic one could be an upgrade.

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I think this would fit in well with the Alpha 35, more specifically Automation R&D project. @Olof, @Alexander, @Fredrik?


How do you get more votes? I want to vote for this but I am out. I am also definetly not trying to revive this topic. :wink:

ah, I remember replying to this back in 2019. Is it the Original though?

It is original. Just did a backround check.

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Thanks, then this should definitely have more votes. I would, but I don’t get any more votes. :expressionless:

Same my dude, same

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