Flights can’t land as previous flights taking SO long

Hey there!

My flights are seeing big delays or I’m getting the notification “a flight can’t land as stand … is still occupied or about to be occupied by a previous flight”
On each of my medium stands, there are 2-3 flights waiting to land!
In the flight monitor, there are no issues with arriving pax, check in, or security. But mostly off boarding or on-boarding pax. I have a few bus stops, lots of busses and plenty of push back, stairs and service vehicles.

Why is this happening?
I did report it as a bug Mercury-47521 just now also.

Because of this, ALL my airline ratings are at 0% and I’m hemorrhaging money because I’m not making all my aircraft fees, and prob not the pax fees either.

Can we see your layout?

Here are some screenshots of my overall layout, a closer view of the terminal dealing with these stands (the other part of the terminal is brand new and not open yet (apart from one failed test opening so there are some pax in there)

I also have screenshots of the Flight Planner and the Flight Monitor, you’ll see that the flights are wayyy behind schedule. Some of the flights are even from the day before and 3 flights behind.

A few things:

  1. The distance between the boarding desks and the gate is quite far, meaning pax take a while to board. This is hard to change and is fine
  2. Maybe have more boarding desks. it probably takes a while for everyone to go through. Also, I doubt it is the root cause of the issue
  3. The problem is almost certainly a lack of vehicles to handle the remote stands. If you hover over the vehicle counter in the bottom center-ish of the screen, it will highlight in red what you need more of. My guess is remote stand shuttles

(btw, images are exactly whats needed, so thanks!)

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I do have a lot of vehicles,
But due to cash flow right now I can’t get any more.
I have also repositioned the bus stops and service car stops to closer to the stands they service.

I wonder about the Flight Delay options.
Prompt, Always Delay and Always send away.

Currently I have Always Delay set, as I hated all the prompts constantly coming up.

But is this in relation to flights incoming that are delayed or flights at the stands that are delayed in departing?

Would setting this to Always send away maybe help to automatically dismiss flights from their stand if they are delayed from their scheduled departure time? (Due to whatever reason)

So always delay means if a flight is delayed past its departure time for any reason, it will stay (be delayed). Always send away means that the flight will leave, even if it is missing pax or services. This reduces airline satisfaction. I suggest, to get out of this mess, that you change to always send away or prompt and then manually send away till flights are on time and money is flowing better.

I have “always send away” set. But I still have flights that stay on the stand and push the next flight or two to wait.