Flights always Delayed

I’m having a lot of Flights delayed, i don’t know if this is the cause, but i don’t think it’s normal.

As you can see in the photo I have 2 medium stands, one in each end of the terminal (not filled yet the middle section).


I don’t understand why passengers that will board in the left side will go and sit on the right side.

Is this the normal behavior or maybe it’s a bug?

How big are those delays? Just half an hour or multiple hours?
The passengers in my airports also don’t always sit at the gate where they will have to board.
Could you try adding some more seating to both gates? Passengers like to sit while they wait, so maybe when the seats at 1 gate are full they go to the other.

Don’t know for sure how long are the delays, will see how long they take the next time i play.

The seating is not the problem, in the situations i detect there was always plenty seating available. I watch some passengers that will board on the left, walk from the security directly to the seats in the right.

That is a situation that had been resolved previously, that passengers go too far away from their gate. If you have a save of that happening, do bug Olof with it :smiley:

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Why dont you have a secure staff room?