Flightless Vehicle Liveries

I think this has been discussed before, but I can’t find the thread for it.

Will airport operations vehicles, as well as contractors’ vehicles, wear the livery of their respective company?
For example one of the winners of the business design contest was BlueBuild. If I contact this company to build my airport, will their vehicle come to the site in a BlueBuild livery? This would be an excellent addition to the game.


while that’s a great idea, that would mean that for every company with vehicles there should be liveries which are a lot of work to make

Good point.

However, Olof and Fredrik could always give the job to the ACEO community…

Or the people who designed each individual business, of course, as a first point of call…

I actually had same idea.


It would be really cool. And also it would be useful when there are 2 or more companies at airport. For example you can notice which fuel truck belongs to which company.

If this idea would be implemented, I’d love to try to make Bluebuild livery designs for the trucks, shuttles (and employees maybe?). (But I would need base templates like in the airline design contest of course).

Although it would be cool, it would still require work from fredrik and olof to incorporate each design into the game ans have the lights etc. Appear correctly. And for only a very minor benefit. You buy the vehicles and now each vehicle gets a different livery depending on the flight it handles? Personally i don’t see this as a feature that adds much to gameplay.

An example of one of countless company ground vehicle is here:

Something to see in the future of airport CEO!

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Nice pic :grinning:

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