Flight to passenger ratio

So i have my ratio at 100%, nut i rarely see planes that are indeed full. Sure i get that far from all flights are full, but i get the feeling that medium aircraft that takes about 180 pax on average, often have between 50-150 departing pax, on average. Same with big birds, they take over 300 most of them or all? But they seldom leave with over 300 pax. Am i missing something or have they made it so not so many flights are indeed full? Or closer to full, or am i just wrong :stuck_out_tongue: ?

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There is a randomizer which will set the number of passengers per flight somewhere between 50 and 100 percent. That is why you wont get full flights that often. This value will probably be adjusted later. So there is nothing wrong in your save. :slight_smile:


It wouldn’t be realistic if every flight was completely full, would it? :smirk:

No ofc not :stuck_out_tongue: That’s my point. But atm i feel like most flights is not full enough to simulate the Airline actually make a profit. Again sure they don’t do on all flights but i assume they try to on most flights.

Yes this would be true for as many flights as they can. Airlines will try to maximize all profits, but other times the government will subsidies some smaller routes and airlines do it for other political reasons.:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

In ACEO it seems what is least realistic is the small flights, as they pay a few thousand to you just to use the stand. Rather medium and la ge flights look pretty profitable.

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For medium and large planes, it feels like they don’t have enough passengers, but 50-100% is not too bad, resulting in an average of 75%.
For comparison, the Lufthansa Group made it to a good 80% in the first half of 2019 and in June even hit a record of a bit above 85% for that month.
I don’t know about other airlines but would guess it to be similar.

Simply because a flight is full does not mean it is profitable. Likewise, even though it may not be full does not mean it is not profitable or does not make a substantial profit.

As for load factor, in the last couple years 85% or so is pretty standard and even the top US carrier is running around 85%-88% while some of the smaller carriers around the world are seeing around 90% load factors in some cases.

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