Flight scheduling

Not sure if this has been brought up but is there any thought to changing the way cities are chosen for arriving and departing flights? I recently started an airport in Toronto and all of my flights are to and from cities I have never heard of. Toronto would have flights to Montreal, Ottawa, Chicago, New York etc but instead it is to some obscure Air Force base in the US, to towns I have never heard of in New Mexico and no domestic flights within Canada. Even GA flights are like this.

Also, we should be able to pick when we want flight restrictions to start. I know in my hometown, it is 6:00am but arrivals and some departures are until midnight (rather than 10)

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At the moment the games flight restrictions are in place due to us not having the required infrastructure to accept night flights (so the government are restricting the times we can accept flights). In future there will most likely be these upgrades available to us to build, so we can accept flights throughout the night.


Regarding route generation I agree with you! Sound like weird some destinations! I believe some AI should be developed to improve this and turns more realistic!

Today or in this week devs will release a new devlog where they will talk about changes in flight planning and airline contracts, maybe some improvement towards this idea might be annouced!

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I think the devs have mentioned somewhere about scheduling to more realistic destinations. Let me see if I can find it…

Here we are! So I think @Olof and @Fredrik will work on it soon enough! :slight_smile:


As I’ve play the game, I realize I really don’t want to have to schedule flights. Sure, I like to tell them which gates to use, but I don’t want to be bothered figuring out what time to land etc.

I’d like to see a system where the airline requires slots at certain times - for example departure in morning between 6am and 10am, or in the afternoon between 4pm and 8pm, or in the middle of the day between certain hours. Or even at night. This along with certain amenities my airport has will determine demand, as would my rating. Good rating with amenities and airlines asks for more slots. Bad reputation and airline starts with drawing service.

My job is to ensure the airport has enough gates of the right type and size to meet demand. Maybe I could assign an airline to use certain gates, either shared, or exclusively. I also have to ensure amenities and services required are there, and keep passengers happy.



Devs soon will announce changes in flight planning and airline contracts. This point I noticed has received a lot of critics and I believe the changes will be annnouce will match the comunity demand!

Keep an eye next Monday or later for the next Devlog!

I only played for 4 hours or so and I love the game! Greate base to improve to a winner!

But I agree with many commenters already here… For signing contracts for flights and planning it should be an option to do this automatically. So you can choose automatic contract signing for flights and/or auto scheduling.

Please ad this feature sir!


Yes i only played for 3 hours too and i’m agreed with you !

100% agree @Banijssen34

Keep an eye on the upcoming devblogs for more information on the new contract system!


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