Flight Schedule - Scroll Aircraft Contracts?

I have this feeling I am missing something simple.

All of my recurring aircraft contracts are 1 flight daily for (example) 5 days. I have 8, 9… 10 stands so that means employing tens of these single flight contracts to fill the schedule.

The problem is though that when I go onto flight schedule there will be lots of contracts off the bottom of the screen and I can’t get to them. It appears that existing contracts only disappear when fulfilled (or not) with no way of scrolling the list?

I can’t see a filter for ‘unfulfilled’ on the flight schedule or anything obviously a scroll bar?

The scrollbar is to the left of the list, plus it doesn’t work with the mouse wheel, aaand whenever you go into a contract and return, you are at the top again.

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Thanks. Maybe I was not clicking the right place to drag then.

The annoying thing with the repeating contracts that you accept is that there’s no way to know which ones you’ve scheduled by looking at the list of them on the left hand side of the flight planner screen. Am I missing something blindingly obvious to help me without having to click on every single one to see if I’ve done it or not?


Agree, wish the icon would change colour so you know which ones you’ve allocated. It’s a pain running through them all to find which is the new one.

That is one of the first things I said on stream when I turned to recurring flights.
There is a tick graphic for the flight schedule, maybe make the background go green and have the tick for when it is fulfilled.

Hopefully recurring flight contracts will become bigger as well at some point (eg “2 Light and 1 Medium per day”)

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The devlog released last night indicated that this is just part one of new contract structure so I would expect this to change lots in the coming weeks.

I agree i’ve accepted multiple contracts from different airlines a list of say 7 stripe air and there is no way of telling which one’s have already been accepted and which is the new contract out of the 7. I think this is better than it was before though.

Yeah guys it’s just the beginning of them developing the mechanic further, and I’m sure it’ll be improved.

That said, I think a little counter where like with the single contracts so you don’t have to click and check all of them to figure out which ones have been allocated would be great in the interim!

I realise that it is just the starting of development for recurring flights; that was merely an aspiration after my first question got answered