Flight Planner UI Bug

Hello everyone.

I’m having an issue trying to remove stands to make room for construction projects and such.

So first I try to close the stand so it can then be demolished, but I get the info message stating the stand can’t be closed with active flights on it.

No problem, I’ll go into the flight planner and remove a weeks worth of auto-scheduled flights for that stand. (Which, by the way, can we please get a “Remove All Flights on This Stand” button???)

So I enter the flight planner, and try to click and cancel each flight. But the UI is bugged in a really odd way. Whenever you click a flight, you get a temporary type of “pin” function for that window. Then when you try to drag your mouse up to the “Reschedule” or “Cancel” buttons, if there are ANY other flights in the flight planner that intersect with the path your cursor takes to that button, then the window disappears and you can’t interact with the buttons. The problem is moving the mouse over any other flight info panel undoes that temporary “pin” function. If you have a ton of flights packed in all over the UI, it is impossible to interact with any of them to reschedule or cancel.

So its currently impossible for me to cancel all the flights that are scheduled on that stand. As a side note/issue, clicking the button to disallow commercial flights on the stand UI removes that stand from showing up in the flight planner, but does not stop or cancel the flights that were already scheduled on that stand. So its like you have a bunch of ghost flights scheduled that you can’t see anymore.

Is there any way to force the removal of all flights from a stand? Or am I just screwed until the problem gets patched? Thank you for any help.



Yep, it’s soooooo frustrating. I too would like a remove all flights too.

Don’t worry @Silven, you’ll be pleased to know that a completely new UI is being worked on as we speak - I’m sure Olof and Fredrik will take this into consideration! Hopefully we’ll get to play with it soon! :slight_smile:

Well thats great and all, but so you’re basically saying I’m screwed for now? Lol.


Unfortunately, pretty much. :confused:

They might fix it if you’re lucky, but with the new UI nearly here, I would just try closing the stand, and waiting for all scheduled flights on the stand to finish. That might work, bit we do need a faster solution. :slight_smile:

The trick I found was to make sure you don’t move the cursor over another flight.

As I said, my planner is completely packed with flights and it is IMPOSSIBLE to not move the cursor over another flight.

Try to stay on the same flight after you click it, for about 1 second. Then move your crusor.

This seems to fix the bug for me.

How about this;

Disable auto sceduler.
Disable all services.
Disconnect the stand(s) from the airstrips at nighttime.
Set all delayed planed on “send away”.
Count to 1000.
Remove the stand.