Flight planner timeline

Has anyone had problems with flight planner timeline? I try to put a fight in the morning (9 am) and it’s saying I can’t put it outside the allocated area. And if I put something down for 5 am and hit confirm, when I reopen the planner it moved to 5 pm. Any ideas how to fix this?

I am having the same problem I believe they know and are working on it and will resealing a when done

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Thanks! Also when I drag a flight into the window the time is also wrong.

We have found the problem and will deploy a fix in a couple of minutes.

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I have had this problem all day but when you are done I know you will release the patch

I am only limited to 3 stands with my airport. is there something that i have to do in order to increase this? I have 3 small stands built and 2 medium stands built 5 stands total but only 3 stands listed in the flight planner. I do not want to accept contracts if i am not able to assign flights to my other open gates.

how do i increase these gates?

Are the three stands listed in the flight planner the small stands out of interest? If so, if you’re scheduling a light aircraft flight it’s just the game engine that blacks out the medium stands to prevent you scheduling light aircraft there.

I’ll grab extra contracts and see what happens. i’m low on funds so i can’t build any more gates other than fill in the 5 gates that i have with contracts.

Wait, so are you still only seeing three listed stands? Or are you able to schedule all five gates now?

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