Flight planner saying that no stands set to allow commercial flights

I have four small airplane stands with four boarding desks setup. They are all set to being opened, and the boarding desks have been connected to the airplane stands. The airplane stands have Commercial Flights turned on as well. However in the flight planner, it’s telling me that no stands are set to allow commercial flights. I even started a brand new airport and am still getting the same error in that one. I have holding points setup, I have a runway setup, I have the taxiway nodes setup, I have no clue what to do here… I’ve included screenshots below.

Since this is happening even with a brand new game, I’m sure I’m missing something stupid and obvious (no surprise there with this game)… Can someone help me out here?

try turning off GA on your stands… i dont know if it makes a difference but thats what i do and they always roll in

Have you built a check in desk?


And do you have a security checkpoint to enter the secure zone? Because it’s not on the screenshots?

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Yep. I’ve built a check-in desk. Three of them, to be exact. I also have four security checkpoints as well.

Have you actually clicked on the stand and set it to allow Commercial flights (not the boarding desk)? The game’s default is for just GA on any given stand.

Can you upload the save file?

4B54 As far as my zoning is concerned, I believe it’s setup correctly.

@daniel Yep. Set it on the small stands. The boarding desk itself, if I remember, doesn’t give me the option. It’s set on the runway as well as the small stands.

@Patje89 Here is the save file: Denver International

Thank you all very much for your suggestions!

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Thanks, I check this in half an hour. I will report back to you.

I’ve found the problem. The doors between your security check-in and the departure hall was not secured. This problem caused the boarding desk not being connected to a security check-in.

This piece was not connected.

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Holy crap! Thank you so much! I guess I should be more cognizant of the doors. That also fixed my issue with the security exits not being recognized as well as my people not being able to clean correctly. Damn. That’s quite the … bug? I mean, I guess it isn’t really a bug, but it would be nice if the game didn’t check doors for what zone they belong to.

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Its always advisable to zone the walls secure a well, that way any doors are set secure.

Yes indeed, always zone the walls, also the outer walls connection to the gates, just in case you might expand or build an stand alone baggage bay.