Flight planner issues

Hi all,

First of all, great game considering it’s only alpha!

I am having trouble using all the stands on the flight planner. Half of them are greyed out. Image attached.

The stands in question were working fine until I added small stands and 2 more medium stands and now I have this issue. I’ve hired more staff and added more check in desks, security, baggage bays and another runway and now I’m out of ideas.


Aren’t they greyed out just so you can distinguish them? Or are you not able to schedule flights in them?

Yes, that’s what I thought. But I can’t drag any flights onto them.

Well that’s weird because if I remember correctly, when the stands are closed or not set as commercial etc. they don’t appear in the flight planner. Just in case, you did try to schedule them at least 3 hours later than the current game time, right?

Yeah I’ve checked all of that.

I restarted the game (why didn’t I think of that before posting? lol) and it works ok now. Probably just a bug.

Yeah restarting works often. Maybe if it happens to you again and you have time, you could report it to the devs.

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If you are trying to schedule a medium plane stand plane to a small stand it will not work. Only the Cessna and the DH whatever can land on the small stand. Those bottom 2 stands are small and therefore cannot take medium sized planes.

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