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Flight Planner Improvements


Just a few things, that bug me and would possibly be good for all of us if improved:

  • “Back button”. Instead of having to click the tiny blue arrow each time, it’d be great if we could use the “back” button of our mouse, alternatively the “backspace” key.

  • Do not jump up to the top of the airline-list each time we hit “back”. Instead, save the “scrollbar-status” please, just like you do at the right site of the planner.

  • Improved rescheduling. Have you ever tried to reschedule a flight from … say Stand/Gate 1 to Stand/Gate 25? It’s nearly impossible, since it’s very hard to scroll down while holding the LMB to don’t lose the flight you want to reschedule.
    My guess: Instead of having to drag & drop the flight that is to be rescheduled, just let us hover over the target. While hovering over the plan (just while “rescheduling” is active) let there be a little attached “pop-up” along with the mouse-pointer. In this little box there should be the gate, the time of arrival/departure. Only after the mouse stays at a point for half a second, do the checks if the flight fits there or not (just like the info-mouseover in the R&D-program-part). To finally reschedule the flight, a left-click is needed and another one on “confirm”. Right-Click,/Back-Click/ESC ends the process at any time and just lets the flight stay where it is.

  • The mechanic mentioned above can also be used for scheduling new flights. Right now it’s always a guess-work if you want to schedule a flight in the evening with the departure-time being on the next day. Both times (Arrival and departure) are just “n/a”. This would let us put flights

  • To schedule a flight at 0:00h of the current-day we have to drag/drop the flight all the way to the right of the screen, put it riiight over the edge and let go of the LMB. Wouldn’t it be better to have it just a little bit left of the 00:05h flight? Right now this also only works for small and medium planes, but not for large ones. Right now, when you start to drag/drop a flight, the mouse horizontally centers, which makes it impossible to schedule large planes after 11:50pm. This also could benefit from the new mechanic described above.

Why it should be implemented:

It improves the Flight Planner and the game :wink:

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PS: When I say “right now” I mean: “BETA 2.1-2”

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