Flight planner hash marks

Don’t know if this was covered already, but I thought it would be helpful if the hourly hash marks dropped down into the active gates so when you plan flights you can schedule them on the hour.

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I’ve always wondered this actually - cos I think there are slight misalignment issues with the planner anyway? So what you’re suggesting could be very helpful :slight_smile:

Even as maybe a visual option for the player (i.e. you can turn it on/off).


How do you mean with text input?

“22:00” typed in stead of dragging to 22:00.


I am new to the forum (native language german if it helps someone).

What i would like to see is a creatable timetable for the flightplanner.

Why i suggest:
I dont know how to post pics jet so you have to deal with text for now.
When i played for the first time and started to build small stands, it was pretty funny to plan my flights (and so was it every time i expanded my airport) but draging and dropping the flights allways on the “same” timeslots when the airport hasnt changed was going to get boring.
For my small Airport with 4 stand i went with the following (always the same) flight plan times:
S-1: 05:00 09:00 13:00 17:00
S-2: 05:30 09:30 13:30 17:30
S-3: 06:00 10:00 14:00 18:00
S-4: 06:30 10:30 14:30 18:30

What i suggest:
Leg creat us flightplans and then just fill it up with flights.
How should it work:
-let us put “flightslots” (just a time reservation without being backed by an actuell contracted fight) into the flightplanner. These flightslots should be put endlessly in the flightpanner (each day). (could also be markable as during the week and so on but that would have to be backed up by the contract system (flights need to be on a weekend or so on))
-for new contracts you then could just hit “fill emty slots” which fills up the closest slots to fullfill the contract or place them like now with drag and drop
-there could be much more options but i think for the first the only thing it should do is to ask you to confirme the plan or let you manually ajust the set flights befor confirming (to keep some gates or spots open for redevelopment or other contracts)
-deleting or manipulating the “timetabel” should have no effect on already planned flights, just move the timeslots (there would need to be a inputable “puffertime”, a minimum time diff. to the allready planned flights to create a new timeslot between scheduled ones (30 min. on both sides or something like that))

mfg thing

If this should have gone into a new thread just let me know and i post it in a new one, just thought it fits here.

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Thats what I really want.

You know that’s what I was thinking.
Because I keep fighting against the orientation of the current one and it just leaves me confused, and my flights get misaligned :slight_smile: and yes, it would also be just as helpful for it to be toggleable


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