Flight Planner: Flights dissappear

Sometimes when I schedule flights, it happens that I drag the flight on the planner and when I release it and instead going into the “confirm”-mode, the flight disappears.
In case it was not a re-schedule, but a new flight, it often happens that all offered flights by that airline are cleared too, resulting in the “flights not yet offered” marker.
It also happens sometimes when I re-schedule a flight.

I have not found a reason or pattern when this happens, but it is rather often… (too often anyway)

I’ve filed a bug report (19601) just for the record, although I don’t think the save game will be helpful for that

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Yes, I had that too, although long ago before I used auto scheduling. Didn’t report it because I couldn’t repeat it. Just happened rarely. I was thinking it’s maybe when dragging to a certain position.
I also think at least once the flight was available again when I closes and reopened the flight planner, but it might have been just a new offer of the airline as well.
It’s good you reported it because it seems not to be unique to just one user then.

Even if the savegame isn’t helpfull, the log file is, wich is also attached to the bug report. I’ve had this happen to. It’s abug we had happening a long time ago as well so i think it might be a resurfacing of the bug.

Good not to be alone, eh?
I had the same thoughts, how report if you can’t reproduce it yourself?
But than, as you said, it’s very old (in fact it was there already when I started with ACEO).
I hope when they implement a better planner, this might be gone, but then thought maybe this is the small part they don’t touch? So now it’s known to the devs and they can have a look at it…

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