Flight Automatic Scheduling Staggering

I have been testing the latest build and I really like the new automatic flight scheduling option. However, with a big airport flights haveing flights scheduled to arrive at the same time becomes a problem. In the mornings of my test game runways were clogged and flights were delayed.
To fix this I think that there should be an option to stagger flights in the auto-scheduler. This option would make the scheduler vary ths start time of flights. Medium gates could still have 3 flights per day, they would just start at different times than other medium gates.

Yes, same problems here. All flights arriving same time with the automatic planner (which is great) and causing flight delays.
Staggering for the different stands would be great! :slight_smile:

Like this? :+1::wink::joy:


Jesus! What’s your empty stand time?

YES…thats exactly what I mean…would reduce delays significant

About five minutes- as they say, time is money! :grinning:

yeah its a valid point.
My first thought is: the auto scheduler needs to know how many runways you have so it knows your capacity

good point.:+1:

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