Flight auto schedule

So you know when you get a big airport with like 20 gates it is a tough time filling stands so there should be a setting where s flight fills a empty spot automatically. So your airport is always busy and don’t have to worry about scheduling flights

Try this box ;).


Maybe he doesn’t have the right director? I suggest you go through the tutorial, as it has enough explanation of not only that, but more interesting features you may yet need to discover.

Could you advise, is it possible in game make in auto mode schedules with different arrival/departure times?
For example:
Flight FA110 arrive at 00:15, SA784 depart at 00:20, OK347 arrive at 00:25.
Or it’s possible only in manual mode?

Like a premade roster grid? That would be aweseome.

I wanted that from the day the autoscheduler came to live.

I mean, separate by time arrival/departure flights. Like a slot system in real airports (Warsaw, London etc.). Also it can use less ramp agents at the same time.
Or, as alternate option, for each stand use assigned agents and they can’t leave their stands (excluding free time between flight)

At this moment, day start from 3-4 flights, which arrive at the same time. It’s not good :slight_smile:

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