Flight Arrivals Staggering

I have seen that the new update on the experimental branch allows you to set minimum periods between flights for the stands. This has made me wonder if something like this can be added for the runways in the flight planner so that it doesn’t add several flights to land all at the same time. Light aircraft can take 10-15 minutes game time to taxi off the longer 800m runways so it can cause delays. between this and the spacing for the stands the auto scheduler would be really good and allow things to run smoothly with the minimum of fuss whilst allowing for lots of flights.

You can add a 2nd taxiway near the 600m so the GA can got off the runway sooner

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I run 4 runways. Separate arrival and departure for both GA and Commercial. The light commercial ones are the ones I am mentioning. I used to allow around 15-20 minutes separation when I manually scheduled the flights and it ran smoothly with one plane well clear before the next one tried to land. I should also mention my GA runways are the other side of my airport to make sure they don’t cause delays with the commercial ones and I also run 24 GA stands which create a nice income, especially at the beginning once you add refuelling to that :grinning: I will play with the taxiway though to see if it helps.

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