Fix Auto planner

The auto planner just won’t schedule any flights, and this is just so annoying because, in big airports, the auto planner won’t schedule any dang flight!!! Please fix this.

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Did you hire a CIO and a COO?

yes, i did

Did you activate the auto planner with the switch at the top right?

After that, did you allow the auto planner at the stands? (Default is on)

Auto planner doesn’t work for me either, hasn’t for months

It’s working for all of my save games since the first day i am playing this game.

If you want i can have a look at, maybe i find the problem (and the solution).

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yes, i tried to, but it only scheduled 25% flights, maybe not even that

How do you know it’s 25%? You’re not looking at airline satisfaction are you?

just an estimate

At the beginning you only have 25% of satisfaction from each airline and 25 possible flights. This mean not that it’s 25 seperate flights, a flight which scheduled for 5 days gets counted as 5 flights. When you complete the scheduled flights without delays you get more and more flights.
The maximum of each airline are 50 flights.

ok, this is now completely off-topic, and why are you bringing this up?

Will pipe in here :slight_smile:
So there are available flights that could be scheduled that stay there (the auto planner does not schedule instantly, it takes some time while the game is running to schedule)? Your game is running, correct?

yes (adding this for the post to be long enough)

Are you running on the latest default version of the game?

i am on experimental, and i always update my game

Can you drop us a bug report and lets us know the number here?

ok, will do

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